This is LINC

LINC is an interdenominational association of Christian ministries in Europe.

LINC seeks to bring the good news of salvation and sexual wholeness through Jesus Christ.

LINC works through:

  • arranging an annual LINC conference
  • offering a network for mutual support and encouragement between different national ministries
  • equipping ministry leaders and workers in the church with knowledge, understanding and practice of helping people who in different ways are damaged sexually
  • supporting and directing attention to ministries in Europe that are sympathetic to the values and aims of LINC

Are you involved in a ministry reaching out to sexually broken people? Would you consider contacting LINC to see if we can find ways of working together?

We strive to support and cooperate with any Christ centred Christian ministry in Europe who desire to fellowship, in forming and conducting a ministry suitable in the local context. We are eager to not only to help and support, but also to learn more about how we can be more effective in communicating the good news about Jesus Christ to the peoples of today’s Europe.

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